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Saudia City
Life in the Desert...
Feb 28-2005 - Click!
Check out the NEW JEDDAHFALCONS.COM site. A new and inproved version - Hosted by 3 Great friends who met while at SAIS - if you went there, you'd better go here!
--A Toast, To Yesteryears.
Where's this?
Where are they NOW??
Yeah Baby! - Click!
A world map is avalible listing all those who've signed up onto the site so far - you'll be pleasently surprised
--From fare and wide.
People Page
Old & Recent Photos
Udated Regularly - Click!
SCS / NCS / SAIS alums have been sending us pictures of themselves to share the the rest of the alums. A great way to see what every one's been up to and how much they've changed (or haven't changed) since the last time you met!
--A picture's worth...


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